September 22, 2017

Before the first frost hit this fall I was able to grab this beautiful basket of sustenance. I just want to dive in head first into this painters pallette of colors.  The tomatillas (on the left) are covered in a husk when pulled from their tree. Once you remove the husk, the sticky "green tomato" is best used fresh or you can process these and tomatos with my SIMPLE PROCESS: Simply cut the tomatillos and/or tomatos in quarters, fill a roasting pan and place in over at about 425 degrees until you smell them. Let them cool and put them in ziplocs and put them in the freezer. Great for slow cooking chicken and pork! 

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April 5, 2018

In just 3 days the COID (Central Oregon Irrigation District) will turn the water back on - Spring has sprung! Which means it's GO time. Right now we are burning the fields preparing for another wrestling season with the farm / haying equipment.  I'll tell you, Jason loves his pigs! Here he is with the main man, Snoop Hog. Our STUD. A stud knows a stud.

May 14, 2020

Today we built a "chicken tractor" out of recycled materials found here on the farm. We pull these girls around the fields and they naturally clean up and fertilize. Great system! 

January 16, 2017

How do you keep 72 animals alive in negative degree weather and 2 feet of snow? With muscles, good clothing and a hardy crop of animals! This past month has been a real challenge here at FRF as we battle through freezing temperatures, record breaking snow and school cancellations! At these temps., water freezes quickly and hoses become useless. Bucket after bucket needs to be hand delivered to each animal and patience! Wait for them to drink, refill and repeat.  This gives us a time to observe the animal kingdom and it's many curious ways. For example,  when there is snow on the ground and  the sun is out, pigs sleep standing up.  The hierarchy of who gets to drink first is also quite interesting.  

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